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How Can I Kill You If I Look Into Your Eyes?


“The face is what forbids us to kill.”   Emmanuel Levinas


How Can I Kill You If I Look Into Your Eyes? asks viewers and participants to consider how a relationship with another person, established simply by looking into their eyes for a period of time, affects our capacity for violence.  


The set-up for the installation is as follows:  two large banners colourfully painted with the title of the project on it are erected to section off a playing space.  Audience and participants can enter the space through openings where the banner stands are placed.  In the centre of the playing space, two chairs are placed a few feet apart, facing each other. Surrounding these chairs, is a kind of outer circle, where audience members are invited to stand and watch.  A series of actor/participants are invited onto the chairs to sit and look into each others' eyes, for as long as they wish.  On either side of the playing space are two large books on stands, similar to what you see at an art gallery, where the participants are invited to go as soon as they have taken a turn on the chairs, and write their thoughts down in stream of consciousness form.  There is also a book for audience members to write down their thoughts after watching the presentations.


How Can I Kill You If I Look Into Your Eyes? premiered to enthusiastic response at the LabCab Parkdale Festival. We look forward to offering this installation at upcoming festivals and conferences.


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