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ABD with Mark the C


Every old town in Ontario has one on its main drag. The hotel. A historic building whose charm has been reincarnated -- or not.  I spent part of my childhood in one of those. Follow the highway out of the small town, and before long you'll pass a roadside motel. I spent my adolescence in one of those.


ABD with Mark the C has been developed at the Toronto Storytelling Festival @The Gladstone Hotel, with readings also at The Monarch TavernAmp Studio Café  and Free Times Café  in Toronto as well the RCHA Club in Kingston, the Albion Hotel in Guelph and at The Porch and Pint  in Peterborough. Workshops of ABD have helped raise funds for MacAulay Child Development Centre, the Toronto Overdose Prevention Society;  St. Stephen's Community House and the Down Syndrome Association of Peterborough 


ABD with Mark the C will be presented at the Hamilton Fringe Festival July 17 - 28 and the TK Fringe in Kingston, Aug. 1 - 11!


Written & performed by Mark Cassidy, directed by Hume Baugh.


(ABD stands for Allistonian Brockvillian Dionysian, Awkward Brave Delirious, Always Be Different---other suggestions welcome!)


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