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In 2008, The City of Toronto officially recognized Oakwood Village as an Arts District.  In the report leading up to this decision it was stated that: "typical uses that would be located within an “Arts District” would include art schools, art centres, art supply stores, commercial galleries, public art galleries, cafes, restaurants, bars, theatre performance venues, artist and photography studios and artist live- work units, among others." 


In 2011, Threshold Theatre, initiated the Oakwood Village Arts Festival in our mid-town Toronto neighbourhood, bringing together artists and community members from within and around Oakwood Village. The first theme of the festival was 'village', the following year it was 'diversity', and from then on we focussed on the overarching theme of,  'Art Building Community'.  


In 2014, we had over 25 exhibitions including: steel pan, salsa dancing, Latin films, live Reggae and Brazilian music, spoken word, home made yogurt, chalk drawing, bicycle repair, face painting and more from our neighborhood!  We also hosted a free-wheeling discussion focusing on art and community in Oakwood Village featuring local residents, business people, politicians and artists.


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