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STORMBOUND: Crystal Ice Reflections

As part of Lunation, Threshold Theatre in association with El Destino Productions and the Oakwood Village Arts Festival, presented a reading of STORMBOUND by Carol Cece Anderson, Wed. March 28 @ 7:30 pm, St. Matthew's United Church 729 St. Clair Ave. W., at Rushton Rd. (use Rushton Rd entrance) Admission is free or pwyc.


Stormbound (Crystal Ice Reflections) is a play that revolves around the lives of five ethnically - and otherwise - diverse Canadians living in Mme. Fleurant’s rooming house in downtown Montreal. Set during the Quebec ice storm of 1998, a steep, ice-coated, wrought iron staircase outside makes escape treacherous. While inside, landlady Mme. Fleurant is living behind layers of lies and years of denial. A neighbour’s jazz piano playing, and the arrival of a mysterious young man, spark memories while divisive issues of race, language, sexuality, and deception force Mme. Fleurant and her tenants to confront the shared human need for love, truth, acceptance, and ultimately family - in whatever form it takes.  Carol Cece Anderson

Stormbound featured actors Troy Adams, Claire Armstrong, Daniel Ellis,  Lili Francks, Christian Laurin and pianist, John Campbell.

We have received an Ontario Arts Council grant towards a full production of Stormbound.  Stay tuned for more details of this production.

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