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Is theatre necessary?

What relationship do we have to the place we live? The places other people live?

Is theatre disappearing? What would we lose if theatre disappeared altogether?

How does theatre make a difference?

How can theatre work for justice and peace in the world?

How do we deal with the tension between art and ego in our theatre?

How do we create theatre with limited financial resources?

How do we build partnerships with organizations who believe in and can support our work?

How do we build interest in a project?

Why do more people not make theatre a regular part of their lives?

How might the shared group experience of theatre lead to social or political action of some kind?

How do we create theatre that engages a broad spectrum of ages?

How might theatre incorporate other art forms to heighten its overall effect?

Why do we want to move people? Move people to what? What is our objective in creating a partiuclar project? Should these objectives be articulated beforehand?

What is the relationship between individual and community story?

How do we strike a balance between impulse/instinct and intellect in our work?

What is the role of our board? Specific tasks?

What can theatre add to people’s lives?

How do we choose the stories we are going to tell?

How does our theatre explore what it means to be Canadian?

How does our theatre address our sense of identity as Canadians?

How does history inform theatre and how can theatre illuminate history.

What are the essential conflicts we want to explore?

What gives our theatre a sense of urgency?

How can our theatre reflect the diversity of our city in terms of ethnicity, age, ability?

How does our theatre contribute to the conversation about ecology?

How can we celebrate human strength and vulnerability in our theatre?

What is true power in the world today?

What elements help us tell the story in the most engaging and theatrical way?

What is the creative process for a show or project?

Who do we answer to?

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