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Affordable, accessible, doable, family, engaging youth, diversity, accountable to the grassroots, multi-disciplinary: music, movement, poetry, video, site-specific, interactive, improvisatory - new combinations of forms, self-expression, gathering, hearing, sharing perspectives and stories, theater as intimate, vital art form and forum, a live, present encounter and exchange between performer and audience, theater as something you experience or share in, recognizing the urgent need for self-expression, truth and honesty that's different from media and social media, the universal and particular, relationship between personal and political, revolutionizing culture: questioning patriarchal values such as power, deconstructing the system as it relates to the creation of theater and theater experiences, creating dialogue, dialogue in the traditional media instead of judgement and competition, inspiring empathy, hope, peace and conflict resolution, trust, simplicity and theater magic, imagination, sharing stories, theater created from range of sources, theater emphasizes and examines relationships, is about the current moment, is happening now.... Theatre as a vital "institution" for a democratic society. S

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