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pulling back or zooming in

A theatre of poverty

of poetry

of necessity

Addressing situations where

human dignity

is lacking

with intensity


& levity

with sensuality

and commitment

to the

marginalized & mysterious

A theatre of tough questions

we ourselves don’t have the answers to

A theatre which propels its audience

towards justice

A theatre of action

which creates

some kind of ripple effect

however small

of invisible

not even necessarily measurable

yet aimed towards doing

some kind of real world resonance on

key human variables

embracing the intersection of voices

that are current day Canada-Toronto

First Nations, immigrant, refugee stories

stories of power and oppression

of greed and generosity

a theatre which acknowledges all things are connected

and offers what the theatre best can

in the struggle for greater freedom and dignity

for all

a medium of live interaction

of intimacy

in community

of revelation

through linking

and juxtaposing


theatre which examines the essentials of being human:

birth, gaining knowledge, expansion or blunting of


connection with others or rejection by others

falling in love


its raw relentless power

its beauty ecstasy

dominion over us

family conflicts

passage through time

being focussed

being obsessed

with something

theatre which breaks down barriers between races

celebrates diversity divergence

along with the things we have in common

challenging historical narratives

offering alternative

perspectives takes

a theatre not afraid to wade

into dark waters

but which doesn’t take itself

too seriously

theatre of symbolism

honouring animal



all things


moments of harmony

however fleeting

a theatre

of hope

for the good

in each individual


the whole that is greater than

not a teaching theatre

but a being and doing

theatre which aims to

do away with


breaks down the artifice of status

pulls the lens back

or zooms in as needed

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