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Bon Echo/rehearsal thots

"We would rather murder the world than permit it to expose us to change" Stanley Cavell, The Avoidance of Love

Looseness of interaction. Not forcing the beauty. Accepting others for huge lifestreams they bring. Putting in the time, doing the work, but not in fear of some amorphous arbiter. Work on reality of each moment/section. Link depth and complexity of exercises to what we will ultimately present.

In a way, it should be easy to avoid bullshit performances by avoiding fakery in ourselves. And in our dealings with each other. But it's hard cos we get caught up in result and resulting judgement. Be ok with presenting our search. The rawness of that. Because it's always a search. Conducted with other actors and audience, ever shifting links in human chain. Fitting we don't quite know how, into pattern of universe. This mysterious pulsating of the earth, essential to the parts we play.

Not sure exactly how these thots tie in to drone video of Bon Echo. I was looking at this water and this rock when I was thinking about how to make performances as full as rehearsals sometimes are, and life always is.

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